Monday, December 10, 2012

You had to know this was coming

I've finished my degree, and I walk on Saturday.  It was a stressful ride, but I am so proud of myself for completing it.

This past month has been one of contemplation.  In the heart of rushing to meet a deadline, I was also looking to the future, at what happens after I finish.  It's looking less & less likely that I will have a position at any level, high school or college.  It's just the market is right now.  I get it.

As a result, I intend to "close" this blog.  I won't delete it completely, as I think it's still a source for other teachers out there.  I get a lot of hits on my poetry songs, symbolism, and mock trial entries, so I want to leave those for people who might find them useful.  I had hopes for this blog: connecting with other teachers, cataloging favorite lessons for myself or colleagues, brainstorming learning activities...and I think I could have kept it up if I had remained in a classroom.  Outside of it, I just lost the motivation to keep posting, even though I had a (short) backlog of possible lessons to include.  I still consider myself "a teacher" and may be able to get back into the classroom one day.  But life is going in a different direction right now.

I guess it's like a casual friendship -- it was good for the time, but it couldn't last forever.  Blogger and I have gone separate ways.  For other personal reasons, I will also limit my online presence in general, reading fewer (if any) blogs.  It's been a treat to get to know other teachers with great stories and experiences to learn from.  But the time has come.

Keep it real.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Final update

I presented my thesis on Thursday, and it went quite well.  Of the few professors who showed up, they all seemed quite engaged with the idea.  At any rate, there was certainly a fair bit of scholarly discussion after my presentation.  My advisor complimented me on my presentation and encouraged me to bring it to a conference.  Will do!  That is currently next on my agenda; I have submitted to a few conferences for consideration.  Though the idea mildly terrifies me, I do hope to add a conference to my CV soon.

I hope to continue more YA research and get a few publications to my name -- we'll see.  The final list of YA texts I either cited or referenced:

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