Friday, August 3, 2012

This is my Pinterest

Playing music to induce certain behaviors in the classroom isn't a new concept, so it's a little sad that it has taken me this long to think about setting up a classroom computer to set off the cues automatically.  A friend posted an edu-advice-question on her FB feed recently, and she shared that she already used a musical cue for packing up at the end of class; she sets up a timer each day to go off at the appropriate times.  This is one of those ForeheadSlap moments -- why didn't I think of that?  I often had problems with getting to the end of class, usually because I over-estimated what we could accomplish in a given class period.  I was always watching the clock, trying to gauge when it was time to wrap up.  By setting a little musical timer, it's a great cue for both the students AND me.  It would also ensure that I had enough time to wrap-up/set-up for the next class period, rather than rushing to get ready for next period since I didn't manage my time effectively in the previous one.  You know how that goes.  Or maybe you don't, because you are an absolutely awesome time manager.

So, I'm making a note of this for myself to keep in mind for when I do return to the classroom. 

Question:  I do wonder "What kind of music?"  Because if it's too familiar/catchy, kids are likely to sing along, which usually negates the whole "transition quickly/quietly" goal of using musical cues.  But if it's too cheesy, kids may not buy in.  If you use musical cues in your classroom, tell me how you do it!


  1. That's a great idea! What program will you use?

  2. I discovered a program already hiding on any Windows PC that could do the trick: Task Scheduler. Instead of telling to start a program at a certain time, I can choose a music file which will automatically begin playing via whichever default music player I have. Maybe I'll update this shortly with a short tutorial on how to do that!