Wednesday, August 8, 2012

pinterest follow-up

A reader asked which program I would use for the end-class-automatic-music-cue.  Turns out, if you have a PC, you already have a program that can do this!  It's called the Task Scheduler.  I've never used it myself, and it's not as pretty as a user-friendly gadget someone might make for an alarm, but it does the trick.

I cannot find the directions I followed the first time I discovered this handy program, but this one might be even better for our purposes: Set Computer to Play Music Automatically at a Certain Time

Where you select what "program" you want to begin at a certain time, just select whichever music file you want as your cue.  At the appointed time, it will automatically begin playing the file with whichever is your computer's default music player.  Perfect!  If you want it to last for a minute or so, you can schedule it to stop at a certain time, too.  I would recommend saving your cue of choice as a separate mp3 that you have trimmed to the appropriate time, but if you don't have a program that can do that, it's not necessary.

So, there you go!  Now, we just have to figure out what kind of music to use.  Any ideas?

p.s. Any Mac users know of a similar program?  Or is there just an app for that?

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