Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Time Has Come for Another Teacher Movie

A few weeks ago, I encountered a trailer for a new Adrien Brody film, Detachment.  This is different from the trailer I saw, which made it look a little more similar to Dangerous Minds - tough teacher trying to reach hardened students; that old story.  This one looks like the film will focus more on Brody's character and his apparently mysterious past.

In all honesty, I usually avoid teacher movies because I can't suspend my disbelief adequately.  This one intrigues me.  Perhaps because I like the premise - that the teacher has just as much going on in his own personal life as some of the students do, if we could only bridge those gaps.

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  1. I saw this trailer a while ago and I'm still kind of excited about it. I also avoid teacher movies, but this one looks interesting. Plus Adrian Brody is an added bonus.