Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Review Games - Board Games

This particular review game takes a bit more prep than Fireline, but it could potentially last you for years.

The bottom line:  make your own board game.  There are websites out there with templates, but if you have Microsoft Word, it has a fair set of templates as well.  Have fun with the game spaces: lose a turn, move ahead 2, move back 2, perform "I'm a Little Teapot,"etc.  Glue your game board onto a piece of construction paper (and laminate it if you can); stop by the dollar store to pick up some cheap trinkets for each player.  You could stop by a yard sale and buy old copies of various board games, throwing away the board game but keeping the pieces.  You'll also need a die for each game board.  I didn't have very big game boards, so I found someplace where I could make a die with only 1-3 on it.  I used sturdier paper to make those dice.

Finally, you'll need to make the cards with review questions.  I just made a nice sized table in a Word document that filled up a whole page, then typed up a question & answer for each card (as a result, someone has to be able to read the question to the player who must answer it).  For longevity, glue the sheets onto construction paper before cutting out each card.

To play the game, students set up like any other board game, but on each turn, students have to answer a card with a review question on it; a player cannot roll the die until s/he answers a question correctly.  Pretty simple rules!

I made about five or six sets of these game boards & cards (at the time, I had a student helper who cut out all the blessed question cards for me) and laminated the boards to last me awhile.  Because the game takes so much prep, I only used this for BIG units with lots of info, so I had plenty of cards and could use them throughout the year (once for the unit, again for final review and state testing time).  I even included grammar in there -- sentence corrections like pronoun/verb agreement or homophones.  So, YES it's even possible to play games with grammar!

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