Sunday, September 18, 2011

When I can't think of something to say, I let others do it for me!

I know, I'm mostly MIA.  And that's mostly because I'm in grad school.  If I do get to spend any time thinking/hearing about teaching, it's mostly about how there will be no jobs by the time I graduate, and that all teachers are horrible anyway, so I may as well just homeschool any future offspring.  Yaaaay.

But I do keep up with others' blogs when I can.  Just when you think that the media has run out of negative things to say about teachers, someone finds a way to stir the pot again.  Fortunately, The Nerdy Teacher found a way to respond to some negativity using sarcasm and wit.   Just trust me when I say, don't bother going over to the original post he's responding to -- it will just make you mad, getting you nowhere since it's obviously one of those cases where you're not going to change this person's mind through cooperative dialogue.

Instead, when you're feeling the negativity, just read Nerdy Teacher's sarcastic response  which can help you shrug it off with a chuckle.