Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I might have mentioned before that I've started listening to podcasts pretty regularly.  So much so that I'm listening to them  more now than I am my audiobooks.  Surprising, I know.

One of the podcasts I've picked up is Freakanomics; yes, it is from the authors of the book (books?) of the same name.  It's kind of fun and interesting.  One discussion point they've covered is education.  I'm catching up on the backlog, so the most recent one I listened to was from October 2010 with a discussion of Race to the Top.  Yes, including interviews and soundbites from our own dear Arne Duncan.  That one was hard to get through.  I think I strained my eyeball-rolling-muscles.  There was another, however, that discussed an interesting experimental reform program currently being tested in NY.  I plan to talk about these further, at some point, I've just been a little too preoccupied lately to sit down, re-listen, and string together some coherent responses.  In good time.

The more I listen, though, the more I want to try and use podcasts in my class.  Freakanomics could offer some interestingly weekly discussion/writing prompts, GrammarGirl some quick Grammar FAQ coverage...or have students make their own podcasts.  Is this so 2007, though?  How behind the times AM I?

Or do I really want to know?

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