Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Thanks for the insight and sharing of my oh-so-desperate decisions.  I am strongly leaning towards HotB as of now.  The professor who teaches it has an interesting foot in both worlds: he specializes in middle ages literature and manuscripts, but he also teaches courses in digital media and book technology.  This is obviously a class he will know thoroughly and likely enjoy.  The Caribbean literature one, while interesting, I can explore on my own a bit, now that I have the list of readings.  Obviously this is not the same as studying it in class with discussions from others or a learned professor, but sadly these are the kinds of choices I have to make!

Though once a YA Lit class is offered, my choices will be so much easier.


  1. You don't have a YA lit class?! That was one of my favorites in college! It was also a requirement for Secondary Ed/English majors.

  2. Not yet. I took one in undergrad as a requirement for secondary ed/Eng but I definitely want MORE! There is apparently a class taught through the education dept but it's only a spring semester class. Sometimes someone in the English department teaches an undergrad course, which I'd have to supplement with independent study materials, etc. Sadly, it's unclear just when/if that one is going to be offered anytime soon.