Monday, June 27, 2011

Ruby Oliver, can we be friends?

Have you ever read a book where you told the fictional hero/heroine, YOU are my new best friend?

Lockhart's Ruby Oliver series is that for me.  I've often wished BFF status about a particular author, but this is one of the few fictional characters I wish I could actually befriend.  OK, who am I kidding -- I'd happily BFF Lockhart, too.  I just finished the fourth and final (I'm pretty sure) book of this series, and in my opinion it's a YA must-read series.  It doesn't necessarily have universal appeal, but if you enjoy endearing character-driven stories, it's definitely worth a look.  The books are often laugh-out-loud funny, insightful without being too syrupy, and honest without being too brutal.  I can relate to the self-deprecating, slightly cynical-yet-deep-down-romantic, sarcastic heroine.

#1 - The Boyfriend List
#2 -  The Boy Book
#3 - The Treasure Map of Boys
#4 - Real Live Boyfriends

I will say these are not books to audio.  Ruby likes to add amusing anecdotes or explanations via footnotes, which is just infinitely more fun to read than listen to.  Do yourself a favor and pick up something just plain fun for the summer!

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