Thursday, May 5, 2011

I like to keep you on your toes

OK, this might seem strange to you, but one of my favorite teacher blogs is actually the "Homeschooling" section on Pioneer Woman's multifaceted blog.

Yes, unconventional for a public school teacher, I know.  But it gives me a glimpse into a wonderful world where parents not only care about their students' educations (because anyone can just say they "care" Michelle Rhee), but they take active roles in it!  I also love that they are constantly exploring new media, texts, manipulatives, etc. to bring to the classroom.  Some of them are things we would be willing to spend money our own money on.  They have a level of autonomy we only dream about.  There are obviously a lot of factors that contribute to our teaching experience being so different from theirs, but this blog consistently reminds me about the magic of education -- those special "ah ha" moments of discovery for both teachers and students.

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