Friday, May 6, 2011

Cover Art FTW

This might be totally superficial, but the first thing that I liked about this blog is the picture used for the profile, Fragonard's Young Girl Reading.  A friend of mine gave me a beautiful print of it as a HS graduation gift, and I've always adored it.  I would wax poetic about the picture, but suffice to say, once I saw that profile, I knew this blogger and I could be kindred spirits: OKP's Line 46.

And I haven't been far off.  I have loved to keep up with OKP for a variety of reasons.  One is that she posts pretty regularly, even if it's little snippets.  She teaches at a high-performing school, and I find it interesting to see the challenges there as compared to not only my own experiences but also those of other bloggin' teacher-fiends.  Some challenges are surprisingly universal, some are not.  She is honest about the challenges she faces, but also honest about the way she challenges her students, and I love that.  It's a nice blend of amusement, introspection, joys, frustrations.  And when times get hard, she isn't afraid to post a picture of a bunny with a pancake on its head.  I think that says a lot about a person, don't you?

Have you noticed that I tend to be attracted to blogs which have qualities I aspire to?  Guess these are more like 'role model' blogs than just "favorite" blogs!

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  1. Hey! Look at you there, lookin' at me!

    Thanks for the compliments. Back atcha. I miss being back in school as a student, so I look forward to your pedagogy posts and all the stuff you're thinking of.