Thursday, April 14, 2011

Move along, nothing to see here

In the interest of letting you know I'm still alive, here's an update:

(my) Homework has taken over my life.  I have 3 12-15 page papers due in the next two weeks.  No, I haven't started writing any of them.  Yes, I think this is a more valuable use of my time.  Why do you ask?

Perhaps what I should do is link you to a few of my favorite teachery blogs.  I'll let them do all the hard work, and I'll just link to 'em okay?  Or even better, you could link ME to some of your favorite blogs.

Here, I'll start.  I think I've linked here before, but Teenagers Are Ridiculous is one of my favorite blogs.  It's almost frightening how many truly amazing gems of teen wisdom (read: hilarity) she has.  Here's a favorite and a prime example of her quick wit which provides lots of fun banter with the kids: "It's a cause and effect thing..."

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  1. OK, I'm just getting around to commenting on this. Thanks for the free advertising!!