Thursday, March 3, 2011

Grammar Girl

I knew she was out there and had even used her a few times myself for some quick grammar references.  She has very easy-to-follow tips and her sentences are unusual (not as unusual as GrammarBytes!, but still, clever).  I want to pick up a copy of her book to put in my classroom, right next to the dictionaries and thesauruses, so kids can learn that grammar has handy reference guides, too!

I had teased the idea of using her podcasts in the classroom, but honestly I didn't quite see the point.  It felt like I would be using technology just for the sake of using technology, not because it actually enhanced any of the learning.  How is her 7-10 minute quick lesson any different from my own mini-lesson?  It's one the kids would only listen to.  Perhaps I could give them a handout or put up a powerpoint to show the sentences she makes reference to, but again how is that different from my own?

The thought occurs to me that "it's different."  Just by virtue of being not me, it could be interesting for the kids.  Other than that idea, however, I have little else that springs to mind in strong support of it.  Still, I think I'd like to use it, but I want to use it in a valuable way, not just for the sake of technology.

So, any of you used Grammar Girl or any other podcast in your room?  How did you use it?


  1. I agree. Technology just for the sake of technology won't be useful. It has to be the right tool for the job. Kids already have so much tech time...maybe there are other skills they can develop.

  2. I've been looking for something that will provide help with grammar to add to my classroom supplies. For teachers that are looking for quick references, this look likes it fits your needs.