Saturday, February 26, 2011

Must be doin' something right

In my Restoration Drama class, Aristotle's Unities/Poetics, Greek drama, and the term "catharsis" have all come into our discussions.

I confess -- sometimes I fear that I'm watering down information for my students, due to time or age appropriateness.  But I was practically glowing with pride when those issues came up in discussion because most of the questions the professor asked, my students could have answered.  Granted, whether they still remember them or not a year+ later is questionable.  When we studied Antigone, though, they could have!  It made me feel like I'd been doing something right.  In fact, when the term "catharsis" came up, there was more than a few in my class who didn't know the term or its relationship to Greek drama.  And once again, I thought to myself, My kiddos could have told you that!

Sitting there in class, I performed a little interior dance of joy.  I felt good about what I'd done.  Though I worked with time constraints, standardized tests, and over-and-around pep rallies, I managed to do something right; I hadn't watered it down as I'd feared.  I taught my kids something that they could have sat in a graduate class and answered questions about.  I'm so proud of them, and they don't even know it!

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