Thursday, February 3, 2011

Irony goes to the dogs

Let me just get one thing straight:  I don't go around in my every day life and tell people they're using the word "irony" when they really mean "coincidence," "poetic justice," or some other word/phrase designating an amusing phenomenon.  However, when I teach it, I want to make sure those kids really understand the actual use of the term.  I tell them that "irony" is much like grammar:   we say it incorrectly all the time, but people know what you mean.  And that's fine.  Because if you go around correcting people when they're trying to have a conversation, you won't have many friends left.  But if you need to put it in writing and want your text to have any authority, ya gotta know.  So, I'm always on the look-out for "Real" examples of irony.  The more the better.

That said, here's a bonafide example.  My cat is micro-chipped.  As a result of her micro-chip, we subscribe to the provider's service which includes sending emails to people in your designated area when you lose a pet.  Every pair of alert eyes helps, right?  I received one such email today.  True story:

Someone in my area recently lost her bloodhound and is asking for help locating it.


For the record, I do hope those people find their dog.  But still...I'm grateful they provided me with this little gem.

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  1. LOVE it. Truly.

    I also love telling my kids that nothing in the Alannis Morisette song is actually ironic -- it's coincidence, or just a bummer. Someone always figures out that the true irony is that a song called "Ironic" contains no irony. They always look so sad when I tell them that I don't think she meant it that way.