Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Why AREN'T we teaching this in high school?

OKP, you are so right!  I initially thought of the Restoration/18thc. drama as a class only used if I were fortunate enough for an AP class, if at all.  But I was reading "The Country Wife" by Wycherley as my first homework assignment and realized these plays would be an excellent example for students to see that classic literature doesn't have to be stuffy or inaccessible.  The premise of this play is that the main character (HORNer) has passed around a rumor that is a eunuch so men about Town will trust him with their wives.  This arrangement makes it easier for him to seduce them with no suspicion!

So the real question is: why AREN'T we teaching these plays in high school?!  Teens would love these raunchy, risque dramas!

The language isn't so very different from now.  A definitive style, yes, and some words with different contemporary definitions, but that is easily glossed.  These would be great fun to do in a classroom to study word play, satire, stock characters, the evolution of drama...and that's just what comes to mind based on being in class one day!

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  1. Select the objectives, the literary terms, and give the historical background...and DO IT!

    So I'm inspired. A change for next year!

    I have to submit paperwork to my district for approval if I want to teach it. I'll add that to my list of things to do.