Monday, January 10, 2011

First Day of School

Have you ever confessed to your kids that you get as nervous on the first day of school as they do?  (well, they probably don't admit to it.  They're too cool for school).

I had a flashback to first-day-of-school jitters yesterday and today...and this time, I really WAS the student!

Yes, folks, I've started my Master's degree in English Literature!  I'm pretty jazzed about this, let me tell you.  Well, in-between the jitters.  Glad that first day is done.  In undergrad, I took secondary education concentration, which meant I swapped quite a few English electives for pedagogy classes.  I have actually NEVER taken a creative writing class.  I find this ironic and perhaps hypocritical as I teach creative writing workshops with my kiddos.  For that reason (and others, but that's the best summing-up), I wanted to get my Master's and find out what else I had been missing.  What could I bring back to the classroom?

Admittedly, it's also indulgent.  I have no fantasies of bringing Restoration & 18th Century Drama back to the high school classroom.  But am I excited about that class?  You betcha.

I am not taking the Education route (for a variety of reasons, suffice to say that mostly because I find that pedagogy classes make me want to inflict homicide on any and all in the near vicinity, a'la Medea-style), but I did sign up for one class this semester specifically because the course description specified a focus on pedagogy:  Theory & Research in Composition.  I had my first homework for it tonight, and I found it...oddly...surprisingly...horrifyingly...interesting.  It gave a brief history of social context in the research of writing, and I was surprised at how very new many of these ideas or understandings about writing are.  Ideas and ways of thinking that emerged during the 1990s, for merciful heavens.  Weird.


  1. Please keep sharing stuff from your Master's program -- especially the pedagogy-esque class. I'm thirsty for it!

    Are you sure about Restoration Drama? I like Aphra Behn's , The Rover, and after working on it in my master's class, totally wanted put it in the curriculum. I got distracted, but it's alwyas in the back of my mind...

  2. AUGH. Please ignore that horrible misplace comma before the title of the play. I am appalled.