Monday, November 29, 2010

Professional Texts

Do you read a lot of professional texts?  I admit, I don't.  I have picked up a few things here & there from various conferences but most of them I've been able to kind of graze through, picking out certain lessons or approaches.  I'm not one for self-help or nonfiction generally, so the idea of reading dry pedagogy texts in my free time...well, it doesn't thrill me.  I'd rather go to a conference where I can engage a little more with the material through the speaker, examples, or colleagues.

Still, I should probably do more of it.

This is currently my to-read list, all of which I picked up from teacher blogs...I think.

I spotted Harvey Daniels' Mini-Lessons for Literature Circles and want to give that a go.  Anyone have experience with it or could recommend a book for Literature Circles?  I really like the idea of LCs but have yet to really figure out an ideal way to use them -- kids didn't always stay on topic, treat the discussion seriously, or even speak up within their groups in the past.  Better than I had feared, but seemed like it was lacking something.  So, there.  Lit Circles.  Any helpful texts or suggestions?

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  1. Curriculum 21 is very good and also very relevant. It's by Heidi Hayes Jacobs.