Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Vocabulary Football

Here's a "Softball" entry to get started again.  I got this one from one of my college roommates who is also an English teacher (3 of us lived together in one room for 2 years, all English majors and still BFFs.  Truly a miracle).

Vocabulary Football

Setup: Print & cut out a picture of a football (sample provided).  Probably good idea to laminate it if you can and adhere a magnet on the back.  Draw a football field on the board, complete with 10-yard increments and endzones.
To play:

1.       Flip a coin to see which team receives the ball first. Let them decide which side of the field they want.   Begin at the 20-yard line.

2.       Go down the rows and ask each team member a question. If the team member answers correctly, 10 yards are awarded. Be sure to move the football.

3.       A FUMBLE occurs if the player gives the wrong answer. It becomes the other team's turn, and they get the same question (the football stays at the same yard line; it just moves the opposite direction).

4.       An INELIGIBLE RECEIVER is a wrong player on the team giving the answer. It becomes the other team's turn, and they get a new question.

5.       OFF SIDES occurs when someone on the other team answers. The team with the ball is awarded 10 yards and gets a new question.

6.       It is time to PUNT when the ball is fumbled three consecutive times. Say, "Punt." The first person from either team to raise his hand and give the correct answer is awarded 10 yards and his team gets a new question.

7.       If a team gets a TOUCHDOWN, award six points. The additional point may be earned by answering another question. If the team wants to go for three points, make the question more difficult.  It now becomes the other team's turn at the 20-yard line.

She says she even had the football players loving English class on this day!

Source:  BFF/Colleague

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