Monday, October 4, 2010

"Metacog" Reading

Well, active reading is great and all, but what am I supposed to do if I can't write in the book or read aloud in class? They need to actively read at home, too!

Are you saying you don't follow each and every single student home and stand over their precious shoulders as they do their homework? No? Just me?

For all you slackers, I came up with my "Metacog" chart: a graphic organizer and active reading all in one! (and there was much rejoicing)

Check it out!

It's pretty straightforward. Just to ensure that my darling little angels are reading and reading actively, I require them to copy this chart into their notebooks and fill it in as they read. I used this for homework on assigned novels and booktalk books.

Remind them that they don't write in the first column - that is just the title for the row. They write in the second and third column. The second column should be a brief description of the scene ("Ruby is talking to her therapist") and page number, just so they can't make up any ol' thing, and the third column is whatever their prediction/question, etc. is. They must complete each skill over the course of that reading assignment. They don't have to do it in order, of course, just have to make sure they do one of each.

As kids get the hang of it, feel free to have them fill out the chart themselves. Make more rows, and have them fill in multiple predictions/questions/comments/connections. They could do 5 comments and 2 questions for all I care. I just want them to actively read! This chart is easy, doesn't require your making copies, and (I think) effective.

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