Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sing it with me: I love surveys!

Oh, why not? So I added these questions to my previous survey, and now, because I love surveys, I will answer them.

If you had to choose...

1. Chalkboard or Whiteboard? Whiteboard. I would be the teacher with giant chalk prints all over herself otherwise.

2. LCD projector or ELMO? Tough call! If I had to choose...probably the ELMO. That way we can mark up student papers as a class.

3. Teacher on a cart or a Classroom with 3 bulletin boards? OK, so at first I thought "Cart, as long as I could have a filing cabinet somewhere" because I really hate bulletin boards. Really hate. But then I remembered you'd have to travel through the halls during class changes...and I sighed and accepted the bulletin boards. Final answer.

4. Computers in classroom or a computer lab? Computer lab. Maybe if I went to an in-service where they showed us realistic, useful ways to use stations with high school students, I might feel differently.

5. Fire drill or tornado drill? Fire drill. Mostly because it's a nice break, we get to stretch and get some fresh air, and it's not a big deal if the kids talk. Why fire drills are okay to talk through but not tornado drills, I dunno.

6. Field trip or pep rally? Pep rally. The idea of planning/running/being responsible for a field trip terrifies me.

7. Office volunteer or club sponsor? Club sponsor! The idea of answering phones and dealing with all that administration stuff: also terrifying.

8. Old quirky classroom or independent mobile/portable? Mobile. I've heard teachers say they enjoy it, plus I've had the old quirky classroom. The paint peeling off the walls, the threat of termites...no thank you!

9. Faculty meeting, PLC*, or In-Service? PLC definitely. I love to swap ideas with fellow teachers, and I liked my fellow 10th grade English teachers. Perfect combination.

What ONE thing do you want your kids to know when they walk out of your classroom at the end of the year? I want students to know the art of questioning and critical thinking: to know there is always more below the surface, and to explore those depths with enthused curiosity.

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  1. Sounds like your PLCs were more fun than mine! My PLC meetings always consisted of just writing the 6 weeks tests and connecting them to standards. Since you already had those 6 weeks test done, you got to swap ideas! I would have loved that! :-) This year my PLC is all about differentiation, which I could always use more tips for.
    And yes, teaching on a cart is very difficult. To not have you own "space" makes things very tricky and it's easy to feel "discombobulated." It's harder to stay organized and easier to leave supplies behind at another location. It's especially difficult in elementary school when you have a lot of supplies and manipulatives. And (before this year) I think I always had three bulletin boards. I just kept them about the same all year... haha ;)