Saturday, August 14, 2010

Another winner!

Looking for AlaskaLooking for Alaska by John Green

My rating: 5 of 5 stars ("Amazing!")

First thoughts: A great, thoughtful book with real characters and real dialogue.

Miles doesn't much have a niche where he "belongs" in school, so he finds it fairly easy to shift ground and enroll in a boarding school in Alabama his junior year of high school. He goes intending to seek the Great Perhaps, as inspired by the last words of Rabelais. At Culvert Creek, he instantly finds himself in a circle of friends who - consciously or not - are seeking the same. The title character, Alaska, is the central, enigmatic character around whom the boys cluster. She keeps the group together through her alternately ebullient nature and her mysterious distance. Miles experiences more than he perhaps ever intended to in that first year at Culver Creek, and he has Alaska to thank for it.

The book is definitely not for younger readers, but it will grip you from beginning to end. A real treat and honestly written by newcomer Green. This book inspired me to pick up others by him (e.g., Paper Towns).

Recommend: Yes

Topics Discussed: Identity, Existentialism, Relationships/Connectedness

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  1. I really enjoyed Looking for Alaska. But my copy vanished with the first kid who read it....I guess I should hope that he loved it so much that he felt he had to keep it, but really I think they just moved. (Though I know he was digging it.)

    Second Sight is by Gary Blackwood!