Wednesday, July 14, 2010

YA Lit request

Sometimes I get into a rut with reading. Such is the case now, although it could be worse. I find myself more in the mood to read YA Lit than anything else. That's not so bad. But I'm having a hard time branching out and finding new/unique YA Lit.

So, I ask you...anything YA you could recommend? What should I be reading next?


  1. I really like Matt de la Pena's stuff for urban YA - they're all kind of similar in some ways, but good.

    I just read Impossible by Nancy Werlin, which I enjoyed - it's a modern fairy tale, solving the Scarborough Fair song puzzle. The Rules of Survival by her is also fantastic though totally different - my kids LOVED it.

    Have you read What I Saw and How I Lied? Judy Blundell. Amazing. Post-WWII historical fiction. Ummmmm....oh, also I really liked Second Sight which is Civil War historical fiction. It's alternate-reality-y which has some fancy name....uchronia or something?

    What Happened to Cass McBride and Such a Pretty Girl are both quick reads with high tension....lemme know if you need more! :)

  2. Some of those sound familiar...I think a kid or two has rec'd a few before. I'll definitely have to get to them!!

    I have read Such a Pretty Girl, though, and oh WOW. I LOVE that book. Maybe I'll post it as my next review, even though I read it back in Feb.