Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer Book Review - Wake

Hope you had a delightful Fourth-of-July weekend! We still have fruit and pasta salad leftover from our little (very little) party here.

Wake (Dream Catcher, #1) Wake by Lisa McMann

My rating: 4 of 5 stars ("Really Liked It")
This book is as gripping as the dreams that capture our protagonist! The conflict challenging Janie is a unique one: she gets dragged into other peoples' dreams, forced to partake as a silent bystander in the dreams of friends and peers. This trait has been a part of Janie's life since she was a young child of 8, but as she progresses through the teen years, it begins to take a new life. Through repeated focus and concentration, Janie learns to take control of this supernatural ability. Though she studies what she can on her own, it is not until she receives some surprising help that she finally begins to take ownership of this talent/curse/responsibility.

It feels a bit rushed in parts, which is why I docked a star. I did find McMann's use of space on the page interesting. Typically authors use page breaks to designate a passage of time, as in a day or "meanwhile..." scenario. McMann, however, often utilizes the spacing on the page to prolong tensions and silences within a particular scene. Took me back to my studies on reader response critical theory.

It turns out this is the first book of a trilogy. Warning - make sure you have the other two on hand when you check this out from your local library. You'll likely devour this one in no time at all and be immediately hungry for more!

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Recommend: Yes, definitely

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