Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Book Review - Revelations

This next installment is actually the third book in the Blue Blood series by Melissa de la Cruz. Previous reads are Blue Bloods and Masquerade .

Revelations (Blue Bloods, #3)Revelations by Melissa de la Cruz

My rating: 2 of 5 stars ("Eh...It was OK")

The thing about this series is that if you think too hard about the concept driving it, it starts to fall apart. So, my simple solution is: I don't.

For whatever reason, I find these engaging and fun reads. I think it's the characters. Though there are obvious moments of de la Cruz living vicariously through her characters (the modeling/fashion scenes), the young protagonist and her sidekicks (Bliss & Oliver) are charming, clever teens. I'm engaged with them and the mystery they are attempting to unravel. This book lost some of the "historical fiction" appeal that the first and second book had (moreso in the first), which is unfortunate, as it was an aspect of the books that I particularly enjoyed.

I would caution fans of the earlier books to not expect too much from this one. It doesn't have the more solid feel of the first or second novel, but it's still entertaining enough. For me, this is ultimately just a guilty pleasure; I know it's not terribly good, but I enjoy it anyway.

Recommend: For people who enjoy paranormal/vampire fiction, Yes, but with reservations - it's a guilty pleasure. Don't expect too much. And definitely read the previous two first.

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