Saturday, June 19, 2010


You are now reading the blog of the newly employed SAT-prep tutor! (critical reading/writing sections only)

It was all quite a whirlwind. I received a call this past Sunday (yes, Sunday), had an interview Monday morning, and received an offer that afternoon to come by on Thursday to begin training. I was there from 9 until 3, and I was mentally exhausted by the time I got home. The first day of training is always a bit overwhelming, right? Not only was I swimming in all that new information, I started the morning with a 2 hour test myself! (I had to take & pass the SAT reading/writing portion of the test first. Which, on the one hand makes sense. On the other hand, I've passed about a bajillion Praxis tests by this point, soooo couldn't those count?) I did indeed pass, which meant I can confidently say I have a part-time job as an SAT tutor.

It won't be very many hours during the week, at least during the summer. But that's perfectly fine, because I'm not quite ready to give up my independence yet. I had mentioned I was leaning towards going to get my master's, and the center's director seemed very pleased. He assured me that they had two people there currently working on graduate degrees and a third who just finished hers. When I start taking classes, I just need to let them know my schedule and they'll work with me accordingly. Of course it means I might not get as many hours I want, or I may have to take more evening sessions than I'd like...but it's great to know I could continue this job while going to school. It won't be much, income-wise, but it will be something. More importantly it will prevent me from getting rusty and it will be a nice addition to my resume for teaching SAT prep at a HS, who knows?

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