Friday, June 4, 2010

It can't hurt to apply

Well, it's looking more and more like I'd be better off going to graduate school at the moment. Out of the three local counties I have looked into for positions, only one has just lifted its hiring freeze, and none of the schools I'm interested in have listings (yet). They are actually still in school for another week, so technically their school year hasn't even ended yet, so there's still the possibility of the whole summer for a position to open. The other two local counties are still in limbo, waiting to figure out budgets and positions. I wrote a thank-you email to the one middle school I interviewed with (she had mentioned email as a method of communication and so etiquette guides said it was acceptable!) and haven't heard back from her. Same with a principal I met at the fair - he gave me his card and told me to email him the following week, when he might know about English positions. Haven't heard back.

But I've submitted the county application and completed the state's online application program, so I'm all ready to go on that front! I decided to investigate local private schools, too. Most of them are parochial, though, with only one Catholic HS. The others are private Christian schools which is okay, but some require that you sign a particular statement of faith and since I actually am Catholic, I'm not totally okay with signing my name to some of their statements. So, I'll keep looking. There is a middle school Language Arts position available (possibly) and an Episcopal K-12 school with an upper English position; hubs is going to proofread/edit my cover letters and long-answer responses before I send those off on Monday. Still, I just get this feeling that I'm probably not going to get a job this year.

In which case, graduate school it is! (Hopefully) Which means I need to start studying for the GRE!

So I get a little social interaction, I need to take some kind of job for the fall. In the shower yesterday (so cliche, right), I realized I should look into local tutoring places. And if I couldn't find anything, maybe I could put an ad in the church bulletin or library...well, fancy this. I looked up Sylvan, and it turns out there's a center in one of the little towns nearby and low & behold, they have a center instructor position available (described as "part-time"). Another little perk is that they aren't open Fri-Sun, so I can keep my weekends, even if I work 30 hours Monday through Thursday. Look at me, jumping the gun. Basically, I wasn't expecting to apply for it today, but I did.

The application wasn't terribly in-depth -- for example, the three references it requested weren't required fields and even then the text box had limited characters. I couldn't even fit "former assistant principal." So, I'm not sure how thorough the interview process is. I know my credentials are great, though!

It would be nice to get to talk about English-y things again with a kid. And to have a little extra cash around the house. And to have a reason to get out of the house and do my hair.

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