Monday, May 3, 2010

Screenplays & Theater

Oh, one more idea:

If you're doing a drama unit, you could also encourage students to write a screenplay or theater play based on a Harris Burdick work.

With my sophomores we talked about basic theater terms they needed to know for Shakespeare or a Greek tragedy, but since we didn't read more modern dramas, we didn't talk much about the use of scenery or costumes or detailed stage directions. Mostly we talked about the limitations of Elizabethan or Greek theater and how they worked around it! For us, this would be a great opportunity to stretch outside of that a bit and look at something modern (if you could get your hands on an original screenplay of a movie they know & love, how cool could that be?? I don't even know where you could look for something like that). If you already read something modern...well, lucky you!

So, get a modern text (screenplay/theater) in order to talk about the effects, stage directions, etc. then practice their own by using Harris Burdick pictures!

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