Friday, May 21, 2010


In this period of Blame the Teacher Policy Changing, I generally just avoid recent edu-talk in the news. A family friend sent me a link to this article from the Boston Globe, however, so this time it was rather unavoidable.

"Failure to Communicate"

You may have the same initial reaction I did as I started the article: Great, another All-Knowing College Professor (who may not have ANY secondary experience or pedagogy classes!) condemning the lazy High School teachers who aren't teaching well enough.

But since this family friend is someone I trust and who I know respects teachers, I bit my lip and read on. Thank goodness! Here, finally, is a positive piece that points out that the writing skills of our current generation is suffering, and it is NOT the fault of the teachers, who are likely overwhelmed.

The piece is short and only hints at the problem of teachers' full plates. I think any of us could easily fill in the details on all the aspects of teaching that take time away from good lesson plans: paperwork (IEPs, Committees, Documenting EVERYTHING), standardized tests, admin support (or lack thereof), parental contact/support, class sizes, clubs, coaching...

But anyway. Positive report for teachers. And we need a little of that right now.

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