Thursday, May 13, 2010

Blessed AC

I could be outside, mulching & weeding our (very pathetic) front flower beds. I could be finally purchasing and planting those Black-Eyed Susans by our very lonely mailbox.

But it's hot. And I just finished mowing the backyard. So instead, I'll put the planting/weeding/mulching off until next week.

Speaking of next week, I have an interview for a 7th grade Language Arts position that was scheduled at the teacher fair. I figure I'll go and interview for the experience, but I'm not totally sure I would want to accept the job, should it be offered to me. Teaching middle school would be an entirely new experience. I enjoyed the little time I spent with some sixth graders, but that was ages ago and I wasn't doing a whole lot of teaching, mostly observing with a few mini-lessons thrown in.

*edit* Perhaps the sentiment that most influences my decision is that some of my favorite/most memorable teachers were from my middle school years. Teachers who I just adored because they were funny, creative, and caring. One was even a teacher I felt compelled to write to when I decided I would become a teacher, informing her that she was the kind of teacher I hoped to be.

Any words of wisdom from my middle school cohorts?


  1. To be a successful middle school teacher you have to absolutely be able to love that age group. It is difficult. They are difficult. One minute they act like they're three and the next minute they want to be grown up. They are moody, and the hormones are raging. However, if you can love them when they are the most unlovable, and find a place in your heart to tolerate, appreciate, and find the good in them, then go for it. I've taught seventh grade for seven years and wouldn't go anywhere else. But then again, I'm a bit nuts.

  2. You know that I adore my 8th graders. They're funny and smart, still pretty open, they can be goofy and they love it when you are too....they're awesome. Yep, they can be moody and mean and unreasonable (....but so can we all), and I will never ever ever go back to 6th grade (though I could hang with 7th) because they are just too little at the beginning of the year, but they really are fabulous.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement, ladies. I edited my post to add the sentiment that is most influencing me: the memory that most of my favorite teachers were from my middle school years.