Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday, Monday

I haven't posted any new lesson plans/activities in awhile, have I? I'd love to share some of the more fun things I've done in the classroom. I was hoping, in fact, that I would have some items I tried with Life of Pi to share with you, but unfortunately that plan changed! (my replacement read Life of Pi with them 2nd semester. Advanced honors kids LOVED it and it was a mixed bag from the others; unfortunately many kids weren't reading anyway, so it was a rough six weeks grading-wise. One girl had the audacity to get upset and ask, What does it take to get an A in your class? Um, read the book, Punk. I digress)

The main reason I haven't been sharing has been that my external hard drive with all my powerpoints or worksheets is still packed away, in a manner of speaking. I currently have no desk; the desk I had in TN was particle board and had already suffered one move and was showing signs of wear. The mover representative advised us that it wouldn't survive the move, and I agreed. We pitched it and now all my desk contents are organized against the wall in our office where I want to put my eventual desk. I've been living with my computer on the floor in the office or more often in my lap in the family room when actually in use. It's too hard to lug the external hard drive around with the laptop, so I've left it in the organized pile. Guess I'll need to work out something soon, though.

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