Thursday, April 22, 2010

Harris Burdick, Idea 1

So, whacha think? Did you look at Mr. Burdick's work?

The great thing about those pictures is that they almost all have some sort of latent action - something JUST ABOUT to happen or in motion. They also almost all have some kind of little detail that adds meaning (or confusion).

What can we do with these? I recommend purchasing a set of the portfolio (also available in book form), so you can take each picture and laminate it.

I'm going to challenge myself to come up with 5 different ways you can use these pictures.

The first way you can use these is probably the most obvious:

Creative writing - present students with the image and see where they take it. Have them create their own plot and complete the story. Don't give them any limitations or any certain focus - just ask them to let this inspire their writing. They can tell the what-happened-next or what-led-to-this. Let the creative juices run!

Options for working independently:
  • Put up all the pictures and let students choose which speaks to them
  • Put up one picture and ask each student to write his/her own story

Options for working in groups/as class:
  • Present one picture and ask each student to write one sentence, then pass it on. Each person adds a line to the story.
  • Present each group with a picture and ask them to jointly create a story, letting them decide how they want to do it (conjointly, one line/section per person, etc)
Now, since we know that grammar is best learned in context, make sure that they save these stories for future grammar review.

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