Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What's an out of classroom teacher to do?

Since I'm not in the classroom at the moment, I don't have the strong motivation to post as I did before. I still want to, but I have a harder time coming up with things to post about. I need to do some reflections on favorite lessons and activities; perhaps I'll go shuffle through some unit plan binders.

I have been in touch with the gal who took over my position, have I mentioned that? We get along quite well and in fact, it's rather a shame we're a state apart, because we could easily be friends! It's an interesting experience to talk to someone about not just similar kids but exact same classes (because you know the chemistry of a kid can change within a different group of kids). They express missing me (yay) but I can also tell from her stories that they like her (yay). So the best of both worlds, eh? She's fabulous, and I will definitely be picking her brain when I get back in the classroom, since she's comfortable with units that I would want to do but don't feel confident about. Pretty neat that I get a new friend out of all this.

I received an email for my county that they are having a teacher fair in May, reminding me that spring marches ever closer; as a result, I need to get serious about whether I want to go to grad school or not, to start planning for the fall.The gal who took my job mentioned that she thought it would be possible for me to take classes while not working toward a degree and then should I start on a path with that school, they would could those credit hours. I could potentially take classes in the fall, even if I'm not technically admitted into their program yet. If I am REALLY serious about this, I need to start emailing some professors and asking questions. There are so many potentials and choices, and I need to start narrowing some of them down.


  1. Hi. I am a fellow English teacher who just stumbled upon your blog. Looking back over your posts helped me figure out why you're out of work. Now you've piqued my curiosity! Are you now in Tenn. or somewhere else? If somewhere else, where? I teach in Georgia.

  2. I'll take your comment to assume you meant that you found out the backstory from previous blogs as to why I'm out of work and not because my past posts were so awful!

    Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself. It's always nice to connect with another teacher. My husband and I moved to North Carolina at the beginning of the year, so if I don't decide to get my masters right away here, I hope to find a job at one of the many nearby schools.

  3. No, your posts weren't bad! The most fascinating thing about the Internet, to me at least, is that it gives us the ability to connect with other teachers from anywhere in the world. I just finished up my master's degree in December, and I teach English, too. I'm always checking out others' blogs for ideas, and I stumbled upon yours. I'll keep reading....