Wednesday, March 17, 2010

tales from the unemployed

Oh my, is it the middle of March already? We are now in Daylight Savings (LOVE!) and out of winter. Some of you have the end of the year looming so close you can taste it. The taste of victory, my friends. I had a friend comment that she has 54 days left in the school year. 54! Does that sound totally do-able or what?

Probably, though, you're just focused on spring break, which cannot get here fast enough, I'm sure. Because as the season turns, so do the attitudes of your little darlings. Heck, you're tired of 'em, they're tired of you. Everybody needs a well-deserved break.

And here I sit, out of work, and missing my kiddos. Have I mentioned that? Since I've been away from the classroom, yes, I have genuinely missed some of those buggers. I've kept in touch with my replacement, encouraging her when needed and offering advice when requested. When she tells me stories of good days in the classroom, I feel a little nostalgic for those punks.

On the plus side, I received my new state teaching license in the mail! Hooray! The disappointing aspect is that even though I taught for 2.5 years, I will still have to teach in one of THEIR schools for 3 years before I can move up from level 1 or whatever. That's a little frustrating. If I had taught for ONE MORE SEMESTER, I would be in that second tier. But being 5 months shy puts me 3 years back. That sounds reasonable, right? Augh. Whatever. I can't fight it (I don't think), and I don't have the mental energy right now to even attempt to soldier through the red tape. I don't know that there is REALLY any difference between the two, other than one is renewed after 3 years and the other is after 5. I guess I could run into a pay problem, if my county looks only at my license instead of teaching years. Although do they have to accept years taught in another state? I don't even know.

I was excited to see that I am qualified for English/Language Arts for 6-12, though. While the idea of middle school teaching is a tad terrifying (entire new curricula & expectations), it's also somewhat appealing. Maybe because most of my favorite/memorable teachers are from those middle school years. Anyway, it was good to know that's an option, too.

But honestly, I don't even know if I'll be in the classroom again come fall. I know, I know...but I'm thinking about going to get my master's at one of the great nearby colleges. I need to do some more looking around, though; I've obviously missed the deadline for the fall 2010 enrollment, but I need to find out if any of the programs accept people mid-year. If so, I might just get something part-time or at a tutoring facility so I could work on my preparations for the spring. Just some ideas.

Meanwhile, I think I have a few more questions to post on that survey and that will wrap things up.

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