Saturday, March 20, 2010

Progressive Survey - Looking Back

Questions 1-38...
that's dumb. 38. Anyone want to send me 2 more questions to even it out to 40?

1. If you could teach any other subject, what would you teach?
2. How do you feel about being evaluated?
3. Tell a story about a time you & your class laughed together.
4. What about your profession is out of your comfort zone?
5. Describe a learning moment for you in the classroom (i.e. a moment you learned something about yourself or you as a teacher).
6. Do you have favorite students?
7. Have you ever strongly disliked a student?
8. When did you decide to become a teacher?
9. Where do you see yourself in 8 years?
10. There's a book titled, You Can't Make This Sh*t Up!, and you've been asked to submit a story.
11. Do you want to be liked?
12. Who are the teachers who inspire you?
13. Sharing resources: fee or free?
14. Describe your classroom in 3 words.
15. What do you appreciate about the profession of teaching?
16. What is your preferred age to teach?
17. What kind of student were you in school?
18. If you could evaluate YOUR administration, what would you say?
19. Do you "believe" in homework?
20. Describe a time you had to completely "wing it" with a lesson.
21. Tell a story about a field trip.
22. Pedagogy texts...use 'em or lose 'em?
23. Are you involved in extracurriculars?
24. What is the best thing you learned your first year?
25. Parent correspondence: how often do YOU initiate it?
26. If you weren't a teacher, what would you do for a living?
27. What are 3 professional strengths you have?
28. Describe what the graduation requirements should be for a high school student in the 21st century.
29. Should we expect every student to go to college?
30. How could you use cell phones effectively in your classroom?
31. Are you a teacher snob?
32. If you have $100 to spend on your classroom, how would you spend it?
33. Describe your ideal classroom, physically.
34. If you could add any unit to your curriculum, what would you love to cover?
35. Describe a favorite memory of any student(s).
36. Do you support cross-curricular learning? Do you practice what you preach?
37. Describe a time you stood your ground.
38. How do you think we can best evaluate teachers, on a professional/national level?

Feel free to add 2 more questions for me to complete!

source: photo courtesy jasoneppink

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  1. Here's one: What is the most significant change that you've made in your style of planning, instruction, or classroom management?

    I'll keep thinking :)