Thursday, February 18, 2010

Progressivey Survey #31

31. Are you a teacher snob?

Yes, I am a teacher snob. Yes, I give the coaches sideways looks and assume they do little except show videos. Yes, I think I'm doing a good job, and no, I do not assume that of everyone. I am a teacher snob.

Some of it is because you can't help hearing things the kids say; some of it is because you KNOW things you shouldn't know; and some of it is unfair judgment. Just because I don't like you or don't get along with you as a person doesn't necessarily mean you're a bad teacher. That is the biggest issue I have to get over: my own personal perception of you should not be a direct correlation to my professional opinion of you. But hey, at least I'm aware of it. That's the first step to recovery, right?


  1. wow...I can't believe you said that.

    So do you think that test results are a direct result of you and your work?

    Interesting blog...will have to come back some more.

  2. oh by the way I am not a teacher snob. I do my job and feel I am good at it and I know there are others who do their job just as good or better than me.

    I will say I don't compare myself to PE teachers because you said they don't teach.

  3. Mr. W - First let me congratulate you on not being a teacher snob! It is an issue I'd like to overcome. I think it stems from seeing hard working teachers like myself or my close teacher friends get burned out giving 100% while we look down the hall and see others who definitely aren't. I do know know there are better teachers than me - TONS, and I work harder every year to learn from their examples. But I do look at some people and wonder how they still have a job.

    I would love to believe test results are a direct result of my work, because I know I do work hard. But no, ultimately, I don't put stock in judging myself or others by standard tests; there are incredible flaws with the testing system, and there's so much more going on with students than just what the test can measure...well, I'm sure you know the laundry list of issues with standardized tests. So, while I like to get good results because I know that administrators & other Higher Ups value them, I also know they don't give a complete picture. Thanks for stopping in & I hope you do come by for more.

  4. well that's good to know. We have teachers at our school that really feel like we do it all. I know we do a lot of it, but our parents put drive in the students to succeed as well. I feel like some of our teachers feel that if they went to L.A. they could get the same results. BTW, our API is 882.

    I agree about the burnout issue. And I overcame that by trying not to do it all and realize what exactly was in my control. Once I did that I started to enjoy my work a lot more...and also realized I don't control much.

    thanks for stopping by my blog. It's not as education oriented as much as yours, but I do talk about school too. In fact, I just posted about special ed and IEP's...ugh!