Friday, February 26, 2010

Progressive Survey #37

37. Describe a time you stood your ground.

The most recent head-to-head occurred at the end of the semester regarding the purchase of a novel. Since I had honors/advanced honors students, I could request that they purchase a novel for class. I had warned them about it at the beginning of the year via writing (syllabus), verbally (class announcements), and perpetually (website announcement). Approximately 2 weeks before the final grading period began, I advised classes once a week that I would be checking the book for a grade, so they must have it before Christmas break.

One incredibly disorganized student was squeaking by the third six weeks with a D. If he brought in the book, he could probably get his grade to a just barely C, but he never got his act together. Within the last week of school from the semester, his mother emailed me and tried to pull excuses out of her hat: Disorganized Student told them on Monday he needed the book by Friday, and she can't get to the store this week to purchase it; she goes to school full time and her husband works, so it's not fair this should hurt his grade, etc [cue Charlie Brown WahWah here].

I calmly but firmly stated that this book was on the syllabus, which illuminated its need to be purchased. And, oh yes, I have her signature on file stating that she read the syllabus. In case that's not enough, I had a memo & link on my website all semester long; I reminded students before the six weeks started; and I stressed the assignment to students every week since. Just to add insult to injury, Disorganized Student actually needed this book LAST Monday, so he's a week late telling you, anyway. All that said, it's only fair the grade stands as is.

I never heard back. [cue smirk of victory]

On a personal note: we are (finally) moving into our first house this weekend!! As a result, I'll be off Teh Internets for a little while.

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  1. One of my favorite confrontations ever was with a senior boy two years ago. He had his phone out (phone are banned during school hours), so I took it from him and wrote him up. After he class he asked for his phone back and said, "Come on, can't we just discuss this like adults?" I told him that if he wanted to be treated like an adult, he'd follow the rules and accept the consequences for his actions. He pleaded and begged for about 5 minutes until I finally just told him to get out of my room. For the rest of the year, my co-worker would just come up to me at random times and repeat that one lines and we'd laugh.