Monday, February 22, 2010

Progressive Survey #33

33. Describe your ideal classroom, physically

It would be large enough to fit 30 students comfortably in large, even-plane desks with separate chairs. It would have color on at least one wall -- a comfortable green or deep, calming blue -- and some windows. Not too many to be distracting, but enough for natural light to illuminate the room as well as or better than the fluorescent lights. It would have an LCD projector installed in the ceiling; DVD/VCR combo; ELMO; whiteboards; and a portable projector screen, for when I want to change the room orientation. It would have 5-7 computers, an always-functional student printer, and a teacher computer with ability to cross the school firewall. I would have thermostat control, 1 filing cabinet, 2-3 bookcases, shelves on all walls, and one large cabinet for other storage needs.


  1. Your ideas are great, though I would add:

    comfy places to read - a loveseat, two butterfly chairs, and four floor pillows are what I currently have

    several hundred books so kids can always find something they want to read

    the fancy desks that you can raise or lower at will so that kids can decide in what position they want to work (I REALLY want those)

  2. Oooh, yes a comfy reading corner, how could I forget!! The classroom library was definitely a given; I've never heard of those fancy desks, though. Those sound very cool!