Monday, February 15, 2010

Progressive Survey #28

28. Describe what the graduation requirements should be for a high school student in the 21st century?

With an ever-expanding field of technology and history classes growing longer every day, I imagine it's difficult to narrow down the answers to what do students TRULY need to know? And then you throw in the possible college or career/tech path, and you've got a whole 'nother barrel of fish to deal with. Putting all that aside for now, I would love to see these classes added as mandatory graduation requirements - for ALL pathways, career, college, otherwise:

1. Keyboarding & Basic Computer Programs - It's kind of ridiculous how many students don't know their way around Word. Or who type at a pick&peck pace. They need to know how to manipulate and explore programs outside of a cell phone or twitter.

2. American Government/Contemporary Issues - I think this goes without saying: students need to know how the gov't works, their role in it, AND get informed about the world around them.

3. Personal Finance - with our economy limping along and millions of Americans in debt, students need to know how to wisely manage a budget, with-and-without a computer. They need to know the ins-and-outs of the money world on AT LEAST a basic level, so that they aren't naive about their money and where it is going.

4. DIY/Independent Living - (okay, maybe this could just be an elective or even a college-level elective). But I would LOVE to see a class that shows people how to check fluids in their cars, change their own oil, fix a leaky pipe/toilet, install a light fixture/garbage disposal, etc. It would be a class designed to promote confidence and independence in taking care of their home & possessions on their own, like our parents & grandparents used to do.

We could probably always add more, but these are classes that I feel prepare students for The World After High School, regardless of career choice. What would you add to your students' graduation requirements?

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