Friday, February 12, 2010

Progressive Survey #27

#27. What are 3 professional strengths you have?
This one is hard - it's easy for us to find our own flaws, but not always so to our strengths.

1. Enthusiasm - I have a true love for my subject, and I try to infuse every lesson with that.

2. Organization - I work really hard to establish an organizational system in my classroom, so that I can say with confidence that if I don't have an assignment, it was NOT turned in. Or if a parent questions something, I can find it easily & quickly.

3. Tech-Savvy - OK, it's not like I speak C++ or anything, but I am interested in computers a bit and feel fairly comfortable playing around with different software. I taught a few fellow teachers how to use Dreamweaver/set up their webpages and how to access some features of the gradebook. Technology is becoming more and more important in the classroom, as we get Promethean Boards, WritePads, teacher websites, electronic grade- and attendance-books, ELMOs...and the list goes on!

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