Friday, February 5, 2010

Progressive Survey #23

23. Are you involved in extracurriculars?

I had wanted to be involved in the marching band, but wanted to wait until I had my first year of teaching under my belt. After the first year, I'd heard enough about the band program that told me I'd be happier staying away. My main objective year 1 was to keep my head down.

Apparently you can't keep your light hidden no matter how you try. The next year I was tapped to be the class of 2011 sponsor, as well as a co-sponsor of Beta Club (two little items I found out about during the first teacher day of school via a handy little list passed around to faculty. see #18). Beta was a bit of a mess last year, but a good friend was the main sponsor, and she did a LOT of work this year to clean it up; I wasn't much help because I allowed myself to get talked into a book club. Two former students decided they wanted to start a book club with me, and so they badgered enough friends or strangers into it. I actually miss the book club kids quite a bit. Mostly comprised of eclectic kids and far from organized, the book club is one extracurricular that I would willingly sign up for again.

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  1. Fun! I'm the Lower School head of the Environmental Club... it's just starting so I have no idea how much work it will be.