Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Progressive Survey #20

20. Describe a time when you had to completely "wing it" with a lesson.

I know we've all had a moment like this. You're so looking forward to your day; you are on top of your game: a rockin' lesson in hand, learning to incite. It's a kicking butt and taking names kind of day. And then...
the unexpected code red
the computer explodes
that kid in the back seizes

You get the idea. Whatever it is, you've got a hot lesson on hand but no time or resources to complete it. It happens too often - perhaps even too often for you to remember a specific time.

The incident that comes to mind for me is from my first year. I had taken some work home to finish up some planning for the week. I had my very first observation the next day; I was a little nervous but felt prepared. I pulled into the parking lot and realized: I left my resources at home. I had planned to have students create movie posters w/ taglines based on the short story we'd just read (working on our "main idea" and media communication skillz). Like a good teacher, I knew my students would need models, so I had found four great examples of movie posters and printed them, all fancy-like, on a transparency . But, fear not! Good teachers are resourceful. After a short period of panicking resource assessment, I realized, "Hey! I can still show the movie posters! I'll use the TV/internet browser instead. They won't see the taglines as well, but I can read that to them, no problem! I'm awesomely ingenious!" So, I did. It was imperfect, but hey, they got the idea. We had fun.

And my evaluation? It went pretty well. Recommended Area to Strengthen: Use of Technology.

Oh, Administration. You kidders, you.


  1. haha.. you DID use technology! That's hilarious. Maybe they wanted the students to make the movie posters on the computer instead of poster board. With those 4 very old and slow computers in the back of the room... haha

  2. Mine was Tuesday! A third of my kids in my first two blocks were on a field trip that I'd totally spaced. So I scrambled and came up with a parts of speech/vocabulary day and worked it into the warmup, independent reading, our readaloud, and then our "writing lesson."

    Which was a game of Apples to Apples, and my inspiration for the whole thing. Super fun AND content based-ish (critical thinking, parts of speech, and supporting your main idea with details because they had to convince me why the noun they submitted went with the chosen adjective).

    When the field trip kids came back on Wednesday? They were super jealous.