Monday, February 1, 2010

Progressive Survey #19

So, for those of you in the southern US, how are you liking that snow? I'm loving it. :) Had to drive home in it today, but main roads were just mostly wet/slushy and not so much icy.

#19. Do you "believe" in homework?

I do, but a moderate amount. I try to recognize that they have other classes of varying degrees of difficulty, but I do think homework is important for a couple reasons. One is that we are just plain ol' limited in class time. We can make our time more productive in class if we can talk about what they read or refer back to the text in reference to skills-building. If we have to spend all of class reading it, well...that's just not making the most of class time. The other reason is to provide extra practice; I tell my students I don't assign homework to make them miserable ("Remember, I have to grade it all!") but because it's a skill I want to make sure they get adequate practice on. We may not have enough time in class to practice it adequately and the only way I know whether or not they know it practice! The last virtue that homework develops is a sense of independent discipline. Completing work outside of class forces students to figure out a problem on their own (or learn how to ask for help) - OMG problem-solving skillz! - and also budget time to do it - OMG time management skillz!.

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