Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Progressive Survey #6

No snappy intro today.

#6. Do you have favorite students?

Yes. And I'm skeptical of any teacher who says s/he doesn't! Oh sure, I strive to treat them all the same. Still, I love them all, but I don't like them all. There are some that are just charmers - the sweet kids who work hard for you, who come up and talk to you before or after class, the ones who just work their way under your skin because of their charm, their wit, or their attitude. I had a class full of them in my sixth period this year, which was one reason why I had such a time keeping mouths shut and not getting off-track. They were just so fun and engaging!


  1. Anyone who says they don't are lying. There are always a few kids every year who become my favorites and who are the kids I have lunch/dinner/drinks with for years afterward.