Thursday, January 7, 2010

Progressive Survey #3

No, I hadn't forgotten today! Just got started on my day a little later than usual.

3. Tell a story about a time you & your class laughed together.

Two instances come to mind immediately. But I'll just tell one story for today. Picture if you will...classroom scene. Students sitting in their desks, attentively taking notes. Teacher at the front of the room, pontificating knowledge and wisdom. In the midst of teacher's sentence, a young man, Russell, breaks the flow of lecture by beginning to shriek at the top of his lungs, propelling himself from his desk. The sudden, startling action has all heads in the room immediately turning to him, mouths dropping open in shock. Russell's shrieks of terror echo in the room, accompanied only by the shuffling and thuds of his notebook and book hitting the floor. Not only is Russell projecting himself off his seat and into the air, he thrashes about wildly as he does so. When he finally lands a foot or so away from his desk, he takes a few deep breaths...and looks up to meet the eyes of the shocked and inquisitive classroom, which is now silent. Russell's face blushes bright red as he turns to the teacher sheepishly. "Spider," he says, a tad breathlessly.

As if on cue, the entire class bursts into fits of laughter, including Teacher, who needs to lean on the podium for support. In the breaks of laughter, Russell explains (through his own chortles) that as he diligently took notes, a spider dropped from the ceiling onto his notebook. Russell (apparently) doesn't like spiders in the best of times, but the unexpected arrival was, needless to say, a bit of a shock. Good sport that he is, Russell joined in the uproarious laughter, and it took several minutes before the lecture could get back on track, although everyone - teacher and students alike - continued to stifle giggles until the end of the period.

Your turn!! Tell a story about a time you & your class laughed together.

source: photo courtesy of ivanwalsh

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