Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Progressive Survey #2

2. How do you feel about being evaluated?

Even though I know I'm a good teacher, I still get nervous! I doubt that will ever change. You always hope that the kids are on their best behavior with an administrator in the room, and I've never had any trouble. But I have heard stories of teachers who had to send a student into the hall, and she was so surprised the kid had the brilliance to act up in front of an admin. Ah well. If a kid is gonna do that, chances are, the administrator already knows his/her name!

Despite my nerves, I know it's a necessary evil; at my former school we had one scheduled evaluation and then 2 surprise visits. After the tenure year, you only got evaluated every two years, but I think it would be worth at least one drop-in a year to keep those lazy teachers on their toes. So, in short.... evaluations make me nervous.

Your turn! :)


  1. ur not the only one!
    I get so nervous!!!!!
    depite the fact that I've been teaching for 8 years!!!

  2. I have to admit, I get nervous "thinking" about being evaluated, but I'm not actually nervous when I am being evaluated. (Does that make sense at all?) I feel that I've had people pop in and out of the room so much that it doesn't affect me! BUT I think that nervous feeling (whenever you get it) is a good thing...and keeps you on your toes:-)