Friday, January 29, 2010

Progressive Survey #18

18. If you could evaluate YOUR administration, what would you say?

Try to refrain from the laundry list. I would have given my administrators "needs improvement" in the area of communication. SO many times we teachers got information not second- or third- hand, but fourth or fifth! I hated learning things through my fellow teachers - or sometimes even my STUDENTS - instead of being told from our administration. Anything from policies (is the pep rally all students or pep-club card?) to schedules (when are exams?) often elicited questions and asking around for what other teachers have heard. Incredibly frustrating. How hard would it have been to just TELL us when you finally made a decision? (and also on that note, how hard would it be to make a decision at least a week ahead of time?)


  1. I'm not sure exactly how to categorize it - maybe personnel management? - but my principal, specifically, needs improvement in getting rid of crappy teachers, the kind who don't do anything in their classes or have no classroom management, and everyone knows it, and nothing happens. I think my principal is too kind, in a way, because she gives people too many chances to improve. Just because you have a wife who doesn't work and two children doesn't mean you should keep your job if everyone knows you're terrible at it and if you ignore all advice and support that would help you improve.

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