Thursday, January 28, 2010

Progressive Survey #17

17. What kind of student were you in school?

I was always the quiet, nerdy one. In high school, I found my niche in marching band, and I felt pretty comfortably defined as a band student honors kid. If pressed, I do remember being a bit of a slacker on my homework...but I ultimately got good good grades and enjoyed most classes. Yup. Nerd.


  1. Pompon girl. I danced. Student government. Church youth group. Good Student. Loved high school. Yes, I was a dork :)

    And I still love school :)

  2. My students refuse to believe that I was a quiet kid. I didn't like raising my hand or being called on. I read everything and did my homework. I was in student government and was extremely loud there. That was my life. I was a church girl until my senior year...then I was a party girl. Things change!