Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Progressive Survey #14 & 15

#14. Describe your classroom in three words.
Colorful, creative, and student-centered
(It was hard not to elaborate)

#15. What do you appreciate about the profession of teaching?
I think it's the autonomy, which is what makes all the national stipulations so frustrating (well, it's one reason). I truly hate the idea of common assessments or even common syllabi. Obviously there are some things that we need to expect certain grade levels to know. I have no problem with that. I do have a problem forcing all the teachers who are teaching a certain subject to follow the exact same syllabus, so everyone is teaching the same skill set using the exact same materials in the exact same way. Boring. What's that you say? I can still teach it teach it my way? (too bad you can't hear my awesomely petty high-pitched voice mimic) But what if I need to teach it my students' way, which might include going over a certain aspect in more depth, reviewing or re-teaching certain aspects? I could probably rant about this for awhile, but I'll stop here but I think you can see where it goes. I like that I can choose what to teach from year-to-year (because teaching the same novel for 3+ years in a row, we need freedom to change SOMETHING), and I like that I can teach it at whatever time works for me & my students. The classroom is my little domain, and for my control-loving self, that's a beautiful thing.

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