Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Progressive Survey #1

1. If you could teach any other subject, what would you teach?

Let's throw out what I'm currently qualified to teach. With the proper motivation, I could get qualified to teach just about anything, as long as I take the time to get educated in it! So let's think outside the box here!

Able to teach anything other than a core English class, I would love to teach Art History or Journalism. Art History is another love of mine, and I would love to be able to continue to explore that subject through teaching it. I would definitely go back to my own beloved AP Art History teacher and beg that he let me borrow his wisdom & resources.

Journalism is another option, as I would love to engage students in the practicality of writing, as well as the skills of questioning. Though I know it would be extremely stressful, I'd like to take on the challenge of a school paper. I guess technically journalism could fall under my current subject, although technically I don't have any specific training or background in it.

Since I've had some downtime to think about what I want to do next in my career, I did actually poke into how I could get certified to teach AP Art History.
Ah, dreams. One day, maybe?

Your turn!
If you could teach any other subject, what would you teach?

*photo: Rain, Steam, and Speed by JMW Turner


  1. I'd teach Kindergarten! Or maybe college level Education classes! I'm definitely not qualified to teach either of those. =)

  2. A few things for me:

    Current Events: I'm always working to get these into my English classes since our history classes do so few of them anyway. I'd love a class where I could focus on them.

    Rhetoric/Debate: My currently favorite part of the English curriculum. I'd love to dump a lot of the other stuff I have to do and teach persuasion to interested students.

  3. I would love to teach a "Current Issues" class using Newsweek, USA Today, and other newspapers as our textbooks.

    I would love to teach sociology :)

    My dream job is teaching U.S. Government :)

    Right now, it's 9th and 10th grade English! I've taught 8th grade English and 8th grade World Geography so far!